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One Piece has become one of the most popular manga and anime series. Barto Club Bartolomeo the ww2 strategy games said Luffy didn't need to fight Fujitora because he was blind and the Happo Navy leader Sai wanted to help Luffy.

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The game developed by Omega Force is without a doubt the best one of the entire series, featuring a varied character roster, refined gameplay mechanics and new systems such as the Kizuna mechanics that vastly improve the experience. Badluckartist also believes that Luffy can defeat the World Nobles, especially since his blood line can easily meld the Haki, as well as the Devil Fruit. Clearly, One Piece chapter 801 spoilers and predictions point to some very interesting plot points, especially now that the manga is about to enter a new story arc. Doflamingo then went on to proclaim a new great strife to commence. The 19 kingdoms were responsible for the Blank Void and were also the ones that created the World Government. Luffy survives Fujitora. You can check out the new scan right below. In One Piece 798, Straw Hat Pirates Captain Monkey D. Teach defeated Whitebeard Pirate 2nd Commander, Portgas D. Luffy shows a new form of Gear 4, rather than just 'Boundman. Although he admits that his theory is the wildest among them all, there is still a possibility that it is going to happen. 'One Piece' is currently on break. One Piece, chapter 801 revealed a few new things, especially the Strawhat Pirates' new bounties. That said, this just might be Doflamingo's motivation to gain eternal life.
Not much is known about the game at the moment, other than it's currently being developed by Spike Chunsoft and that will be focusing on characters possessing Devil Fruits abilities such as main character Monkey D. It's likely that it is him, considering he's accompanied by the same bird on his http://www.war1941.com/.